Blu-Ray 3D

Blu-ray technology makes 3D a seamless integration. With 3D technology gaining momentum and appeal, you will want to enable your audience to experience the fullest extent of your vision.

Take another step beyond HD into 3D, and leave your audience wanting more.







3D emulates the natural human vision. It can be argued that 3D is the way we are truly designed to experience viewing content. Today, 3D is gaining momentum rapidly, and audiences have come to expect and anticipate it. In late 2010, 3D Blu-ray began home market penetration. While still in its infancy, it is without a doubt, an engaging and compelling medium, which commands the attention and interest of almost anyone who views it.


It may still be unknown to many, but you truly do not need expensive equipment to view and exhibit in 3D. The main requirements are a standard Blu-ray player; 3D-ready TV with glasses; and a 3D conversion pod (requirement varies based on system). It is true that there are dedicated 3D Blu-ray players in the market, but they are not necessary for the average user. If 3D is where you want to be, it is fairly easy to get there. Advanced Media provides some technical consultation for our clients and we can help you put a package together at a relatively low cost.


3D is still a relatively new experience, and as such, many individuals find it compelling. In addition, it is highly engaging, more so than almost any form of communication or visual media type. Whether you are a content creator, exhibitor, filmmaker, business owner, marketing manager or a media professional, you can use 3D to your advantage by delivering your material much more effectively and directly.


The creation of 3D Blu-ray by Advanced Media does require the use of 3D-made content. 2D content is not currently offered for 3D Blu-ray creation.

We generate side-by-side streaming at 29.97 or 23.98 frames per second. Your setup will require the ability to accept SBS content at that frame rate for an interleaved or checkerboard display. Side-by-side differs from dual-stream 3D by projecting half the resolution of each eye. Side-by-side is the de facto standard for 3D consumer electronics.

We offer real time 3D alignment and convergence services, as well as eye-matching for the advanced user. Please inquire for more details.