If you want Blu Ray, you would also like professional Post-production services in Hollywood. Our sister Company, HD Creative Services, caters to young and veteran professionals within the entertainment community. We have worked on big jobs for the FBI, and MTV’s Lingerie Football League. We have also worked on Feature films including: The Expendables, Labor Pains, Leaves of Grass and many more! Our... Read More

The need and demand for HD format will only get higher and will soon be considered the norm.  Honestly, when was the last time you saw something in standard definition?  You can’t even get reception on your TV without a HD cable converter.  Blu Ray and the HD format is here to stay.  To help you out we provide Blu Ray and DVD Duplication Services.  We are fully HD Capable in transferring... Read More

Everywhere you go these days, whether a retail bookstore, WalMart and even small mom-and-pop shops that carry DVD titles are giving way to Blu-ray discs. DVDs are disappearing fast and are quickly reaching a collector item status. Ok, we may be a little dramatic, but you get the point. With incredible recent developments in digital technology, is Blu-ray really here to stay? Or will it be a short-lived... Read More