What is Blu-Ray?

Blu-ray Disc (short: BD) is an optical disc storage medium designed to supersede the standard DVD format. Its main uses are for storing high-definition video, PlayStation 3 video games, and other data with up to 25 GB per single-layered and 50 GB per dual-layered disc. The name Blu-ray Disc derives from the “blue laser” used to read the disc. By the end of 2010, Blu-ray had reached over 17% penetration in US households. By 2017, Blu-ray is expected to reach 74%. That is nearly 3 in 4 households!

Why Blu-ray:
The Blu-ray format has been relatively dormant for the last few years, due in part to the confusion over the HD DVD/Blu-ray format war and then again to the rise of Internet file sharing and digital downloads. However, recently Blu-ray has seen a substantial rise in usage and popularity across the board from PS3 gamers, film festival exhibitors and home videos end-users. Today, with the rise of 3D content, Blu-ray is rapidly becoming the format of choice over DVD and other media forms.
According to the 2010 Consumer Technology Household Online Penetration Study from the research company The NPD Group, the percentage of households with a Blu-ray player nearly doubled from 2009, going from just 6% in 2009 to 11% in early 2010 to 17% by the end of that year. Key factors behind this increase were attributed to deep discounts during the 2009 holiday season and the broadening penetration of HDTV (64% of households at that time had a flat-panel TV).
With an increasing level of penetration, the user-based HD content can reach more households and be presented in higher quality and high-definition. This is becoming the new standard. Many film festivals around the world offer Blu-ray exhibition capabilities and more and more people are able to review screeners on BD.
Another advantage is the relative difficulty of pirating and ripping Blu-ray content.
Blu-ray is an excellent form of backup, enjoying a high capacity of 25-50GB and it is ideal for archiving digital content on a safe and secure media.

Why choose Advanced Media?
Still today, there aren’t many companies that provide Blu-ray services because of a still relatively small exposure rate for non-studio content. The few who offer the service are split between the large media corporations, which overcharge to cover their high overhead and expenses and the handful of out-of-town companies that make it difficult to get the services you need. There are also generic shopping center AV shops, which do not always have the technology and expertise to deal with Blu-ray duplication, authoring, and creation.
What primarily sets us apart is that we serve film production companies through our motion pictures brand “HD Creative Services,” enabling our customers to enjoy the full benefit of high-quality professional and experienced Blu-ray services for a fraction of the cost. In addition, we are local to Los Angeles and therefore, right around the corner from you. You can always come in and view the content before you pay.
Since we operate as a complete post-production company, you have the ability to enjoy the full benefits of high-quality upconversion (transforming quality of standard definition video to high definition) using Teranex, HDCAM-SR, Digital Betacam and a high-quality HD-SDI uncompressed signal.
Even if you are not ready to embark on Blu-ray creation or services, we encourage you to consider us at Advanced Media whenever the need for Blu-ray authoring, Blu-ray copy, Blu-ray duplication and Blu-ray to DVD conversion arises and of course for all your media needs.

Blu-ray services provided:
Blu-ray Authoring
Blu-ray Copy / Copies
Blu-ray Duplication
Blu-ray to DVD Conversion
Blu-ray Replication
Standard Definition Media Teranex upconversion for Blu-ray HD content
Silk Screen & Offset high-quality Printing
Blu-ray Watermarking & Encryption
BD-25 (single-layer) & BD-50 (dual-layer).

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