Future Projections

Will Blu-ray replace DVDs?

Yes, that is the expectation. The Blu-ray format has received broad support from the major movie studios as a successor to today’s DVD format. In fact, all eight major movie studios (Disney, Fox, Warner, Paramount, Sony, Lionsgate, Universal, and MGM) have released titles in the Blu-ray format. Everywhere you go, it is quite apparent that the selection of Blu-ray titles and content is rapidly increasing while the selection of traditional DVD content is slowly declining. However, it is safe to say that the two formats (Blu-ray and DVD) will most likely co-exist for quite some time until HDTV use has become more universal and the DVD has become obsolete.

I heard Blu-ray is going away and will be dead when anyone can download files in the speed of light!

Blu-ray will eventually become dated just like any other format, but currently it is gaining popularity and for a good reason. People like tangible media. We have grown accustomed to keeping personal copies of CDs, DVDs, and other media types on hand. While it is true that many people have turned to devices like the iPod to store and listen to thousands of files, watching a downloaded film is really not a common event; keeping a Blu-ray copy guarantees that a movie will be available to watch for years after its purchase. In addition, the quality of BD is simply unmatched and far beyond any downloadable movie.  If you have ever downloaded a movie on iTunes, you would certainly know!
Are there any future significant developments in Blu-ray technology?

Some of the leading developers and manufacturers of Blu-ray technology are relentlessly working on improving and developing the format, contributing to the likelihood of Blu-ray to remain the de facto emerging format of choice for media distribution. Some of the recent developments include 100GB and 200GB capacity discs (21-42 times the capacity of standard DVD); “hybrid” discs that contain both Blu-ray media as well as standard DVD media on single or both sides; and development of an “ultra-violet” laser that would increase the disc capacity to up to 1TB (1,000GB).

In more immediate terms, it seems likely that the capacity of standard Blu-ray would increase from 25GBs to 33GBs.

However, the most interesting and exciting development is the arrival of Blu-ray 3D. You don’t need to be an Avatar fan to realize and appreciate the benefits of being able to view 3D content at home. Blu-ray technology makes this available. With the arrival of more and more titles as of 2011, Blu-ray 3D is becoming an exciting reality. While the costs of obtaining a Blu-ray 3D player and a 3D TV could deter some consumers from the purchase, in reality it is within reach of many U.S. consumers. With an anticipated price decline, it will not be long before 3D technology will be widely available for the average home market.

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