Blu Ray Disc Duplication

The need and demand for HD format will only get higher and will soon be considered the norm.  Honestly, when was the last time you saw something in standard definition?  You can’t even get reception on your TV without a HD cable converter.  Blu Ray and the HD format is here to stay.  To help you out we provide Blu Ray and DVD Duplication Services.  We are fully HD Capable in transferring your film and video into HD Format, we have been in business in Hollywood since 1987. So Trust us, we know what we’re doing.  Who needs Blu Ray Duplication?  Why, I’m glad you asked!

Film Festivals

Blu Ray is an important format for film festivals.  These days, HD is expected in many Feature Films.  Get your film noticed now!  The Price of Blu Ray Duplication is not as expensive as you think, and the price will be worth it when film festival audiences see the true way your vision was meant to be seen.  You will also need more than one copy as you travel from festival to festival all across the world.  Blu Ray Duplication is a cinch for us and we offer a quick turnaround for the busy film making entrepreneur.

Acting Reel

Impress the Casting agents when they see how professional you are in giving them a Blu Ray Demo Reel!  Image them seeing your every reaction and gasp in glorious HD!  With our packaged deals you’ll be passing out Blu Ray Versions of yourself for all your auditions.  Click Here for more information on our Duplication Services.

Music Videos

It doesn’t have to be a full length feature or tv show! We do jobs big or small, impress professionals in the Music Biz with a video that will blow their socks off and prove to them why you should be a rock god! Advanced Media LLC wants to be your premiere source for Blu Ray and DVD Duplications! Call us for a free quote!

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